It's July 2022 - Let's Celebrate!

It's July 2022 - Let's Celebrate!

We declare this month INDEPENDENCE MONTH

Why should we limit our celebrations to only a day or long weekend? It’s time to break out the sparklers and pool floaties and fire up the grill to celebrate with family and friends in epic fashion!

After 2 years of lockdown, this July 1st (Canada Day) and July 4th (Independence Day), we want you to celebrate and fly those flags EXTRA HIGH

Before you do so, here are some Independence Day Tips to staying safe and celebrating in style! 

Swim Safety

  1. Swim with a buddy

  2. Apply sunscreen hourly

  3. Keep a fresh water bottle nearby

  4. Pay attention to the weather

  5. Get out of the heat when you’re out of the water

BBQ Safety Tips (Don’t become a neighborhood statistic!)

  1. Keep the grill 10 ft away from any structure.

  2. Clean your grill regularly.

  3. Check for gas leaks periodically.

  4. Some forms of alcohol are flammable.

  5. Bug spray is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Spray with caution!

  1. Do not grill indoors (even if it is raining). 

Firework Safety

  1. Confirm that fireworks are legal in your area before using them. 

  2. Do not allow children to ignite fireworks.

  3. Do not try to re-light or pick up a firework that might not have fully ignited.

  4. Keep a bucket of water on-hand at all times.

  5. Do not store fireworks in your pocket. 

Enjoy your time with family and friends this Independence Month! Stay safe and stay hydrated!

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